Chapter 10: The Neek is a Wizard

Our one month anniversary came and went, and before we knew it, it was Halloween!

Actual Halloween was on Thursday, and I worked, but both Christy and I surprisingly had Friday night free from work!

So, what to do, what to do…. Christy convinced me to go dancing!

Following our now standard tradition, we incorporated 2 “firsts” into my “List of Firsts” that night!

1. Sweet by Miss Holly

That’s right, following our tasty Panda Express dinner (one of my favorites), Christy and I headed across the street to Sweet, a delicious little cupcake store infamous for it’s sweet cupcakes. Let me tel you… yum. It’s all about the coconut for me, though Christy can’t get enough of the “Black and Gold” or “Chocolate Mousse.”

2. Swing Dancing

One of UCF’s clubs, the Swing Knights, hosts a weekly swing dance at a nearby location for $5, or $6 if you want to attend a 30 minute lesson beforehand. We definitely did the lesson. Christy has been here loads of times, but seeing as it was a first for me, I need some instruction! Being Halloween weekend, the dance was, of course, Halloween themed, with a costume contest! I donned my robe and wand for a while and my dear sweet Christy spent the night as a zombie.

In case you are wondering, I did NOT participate in the costume contest! No thank you! There were some great ones though, and several Doctors + companions made appearances much to Christy’s great delight.

Two new firsts! Woohoo!!!

To celebrate, we of course topped off our now hungrier stomachs at Lazy Moon where one pizza slice is larger than your head!… and tasty!

I now gift you with this lovely photo of Wizard Thomas, perhaps slightly blurred, enjoying delicious Sweet cupcakes before my first Swing Dance. Enjoy.



Chapter 2: The Neek Rides a Roller Coaster

After discovering that Christy and I had close birthdays (just over a month apart), we promptly decide that a Birthday Month was obviously in order. Therefore, from around mid-April to mid-May, Birthday Month ensued. To be honest, there were not many activities to be shared during the time, but our actual birthdays were quite memorable.

For my birthday, I received a HUGE Sponge Bob balloon at work from my fellow managers. Christy was working in the Concession Stand that night, and she created a scavenger hunt for me to follow!

For Christy’s birthday, we celebrated by having a chocolate Oreo cake! Yum!

To finish the festivities off with a bang, we planned a whole slew of activities on the day after Christy’s birthday; and what better way was there to celebrate than by taking a trip to visit our favorite (totally real) Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure and Universal?!

It was magical (Quite literally!) – but there was one more important note about this day… it was the first and most time either of us had spent alone with each other outside of work! Now I’m not going to say that love “blossomed between us” or any romantic stuff like that…after all, even if that HAD been the case, I would probably have been too naive to notice… but it was a really fun day!

After the afternoon torrential downpour that is a fairly common Florida occurrence, we met up with Rohan and several other friends at Olive Garden for a birthday dinner, then it was off to see the newly released Star Trek in Imax 3D (for free, I might add!).

Looking back, it is easy to see that in many ways this day marked the beginning of everything else that was to come. As summer began, the time Christy and I spent together lengthened, and became the thing that I more and more looked forward to each week.

Thomas and Christy riding Flight of the Hippogriff during their first trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together.

Thomas and Christy riding Flight of the Hippogriff during their first trip together to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

One more thing I forgot to mention – our passes to the parks…they are annual ones! I guess there’s hardly a need to say it, but our story had only just begun…