Critic Corner – Mardi Gras at Universal

Hi everyone, Critic Christy here!

Recently Thomas and our friend, Rohan, and I attended Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration! Guess what? It was great! Transformers

We got there around 6pm and rode transformers before the parade started. Everyone say hiiiiiii Rohan! And yes, I am wearing an awesome sparkly, light-up hat just for the celebration!

The parade started at 7:45, and I have to say, the floats were pretty impressive! There were tons of stilt-walkers and TONS of beads!

Despite the heavy competition, the three of us managed to collect over 80 necklaces! Here is a pic of me and Thomas waiting for the parade to circle back around to the finish. You will notice I am hiding my beads under my shirt like a pro in order to make them think they should give us more. Obvi.

MaridGrasI don’t have any other photos of the parade because I didn’t take my phone with me, so sorry about that! If I go again I’ll get a few shots in, I promise! Once I wrestle them off of Rohan, I might also have a few more pics of the beads!

There are also concerts on Mardi Gras nights, and our performer was Cody Simpson….yeah, I have no idea who that is. We didn’t watch.

As for the food… okay, that was a little disappointing to me. They had a “french quarter” type of setup, but the food stands all had different things, but you couldn’t see what all your options were…not that you would want any of it anyway once you knew how much it was. We decided to be thrifty and eat after we left the park.


Christy: I loved the parade and the beads! Worth a visit IF you are already planning on spending the day at Universal, or if you have a pass! NOT worth buying the “Event Only” ticket unless you freaking love the performer that night.

Thomas: Holy moley I have never had to be so scared of things flying out of the night and hit me in the face!  I will say if you do go (I agree with Christy, no Event Only) make sure that you have friends that can help shield your face!

Improvements: More parade nights! I have a really hard time getting off weekend nights in time for the fun! Better “French Quarter” section!


And just for fun…



Critic Corner: SAK Comedy Lab

Critic Christy here, and ready to give you the goods on local Improv Group: SAK Comedy Lab!

To start with, I just want to say that THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ACTIVITIES in Orlando! No, seriously! If truth be told, I have been visiting SAK since my freshman year at UCF wayyyy way back in 2008. After my first visit, I was hooked! They always have a hilarious cast that keeps me laughing every time I visit!

So who are they? What do they do? The SAK casts are made up of a variety of performers (different nights are for different “skill levels” and corresponding prices) who are great at making stuff up…funny stuff!

Their main show is called “Duel of Fools” and is fairly similar to such shows as “Who’s Line is it Anyway…” you might even recognize some SAK graduates **cough cough Wayne Brady** who got their start at SAK wayyyy back when! Dual of Fools is by far my favorite performance, so if you can choose only one…CHOOSE THIS ONE!!

Gorilla Theatre, a sort of improv competition, is one of their newest, yet amusing, shows put on by their “professionals,” while the Lab Rats and Gen S are shows in Tuesdays and Wednesdays by SAK students, or those who are newer to performing. Don’t worry, though, they can be equally funny as the weekend ensemble!

Finally, there is also an Early Show over the weekends, but I have not had the opportunity to go at this time ever.

What else can I say about my favorite downtown activity besides GO! You WILL love it, and you WILL go back for more!! This is way to short of a post to adequately sum up all of what SAK is or how amazing they are, but that’s all you get for now!! 10.9/10!! Christy out!

Thomas In!

I am not going to write as much, but I will say that I didn’t know what to expect when I went to SAK, but I do like Who’s Line, and I really like the shows that I have gone to! 9/10!

Critic Corner – Hamburger Mary’s

Hello, lovely readers! Critic Christy here and ready for a review!

This past New Years Eve, Thomas and I were delighted to try out the fairly well-known Hamburger Mary’s of downtown Orlando! What are they known for? Burgers and a show!

Let’s go with the food first… I am going to be completely honest with you, and admit that neither Thomas nor I actually ate their famously delicious burgers – I know, I know, that probably makes us the WORST critics ever, right?? Thomas had the Chicken Caesar Salad, which he said was excellent. I had the pot roast which was alright, but nothing special.  Next time we’ll have burgers!!! Also, I had their “Strawberry-tease-me” Martini, but with lemonade instead of sprite…AND IT WAS AMAZING! I might drool on my keyboard just thinking about it. (It was quite tasty! -T)

So on to the show…its a Drag Show, and it was tons of fun! There were 4 performing ladies and they did a really amazing job! Thomas even got to tip them!

For New Years, they passed out champagne and we counted down to 2014! A lot of fun!


Christy’s Ratings:

Food: 6/10

Drinks: (am I allowed to rate just the drinks??) 10004889.996/10!!! yummmmm

Show: 9/10

Thomas’s Ratings:

Food: Was one heck of a tasty salad! 8.5 or a 9/10

Drinks: I had coke, so 10/10!  Good brix.

Show: 8/10