Meet Christy

Hi, I’m Christy! 565007_10151698281745889_580250919_n

Welcome to our blog, glad you stopped by to learn more about me! Thomas and I started this blog in December of 2013. We co-write the majority of posts here, and have a lot of fun doing it! You can learn more about me, and check out my previous (though continuously updated) blog at

Now for a little Q&A fun…

Name: Christy.

Currently Wearing: Pajama Pants and Tshirt.

Currently Eating: Italian Ice, Strawberry Lemon Flavored.

Favorite Fruit: Banananananas.

Favorite Cheese: Cheddar. Of the yellow kind.

Favorite Utensil: Chopsticks.

Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks.

Number of Feet: Two.

Last Time you Rebooted Your Computer: hahaha like I know how to check that!

SSN: You no can haz.  

Do you really think any of us are even looking at this page?: Probs not!

So now you know all about me…yay!

For a look at Thomas’ answers to these same questions, look under Meet Thomas!

Now get out there and READ OUR BLOG!

This informational and completely inspirational Q&A interview of the two stars of your very favorite blog ever has been brought to you by Boredom and Magic Enterprises.

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