About Us

Greetings from Thomas (hyper20kid) and Christy (christysmiles), authors and creators of THE ADVENTURES OF A NEEK!


The original purpose behind this blog was 3-fold:

1. Share “our story” for friends, family and anyone else on this great wide web that might be interested in hearing. Personally, we enjoy sharing it!

2. Feed our inner Egos by playing “Critic” to the many entertainments, eateries and other local spots we frequent.

3. Find an outlet with which to share Thomas’ knack and enjoyment for electronic goodies.

Could we have created 3 separate blogs, one for each category? Sure! Did we? Obviously not!

To check out post by category only, feel free to utilize our Tabs in the Menu bar labled to help you do just that!

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment, like or share our posts, or follow our blog! We’d love to hear what you think!…but only the good things obviously, otherwise keep your opinions to yourselves!! =)

To find out more about us (you stalkers!), check out the Meet Thomas and Meet Christy pages located in the drop down menu under About Us…hey, that is this page!



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