Techie Talk #3: Robot 1 Arrives!!


So I have begun my robot arsenal!  Through the magic of the internet, free power, and my powerful computer, I was able to purchase a Printrbot Simple Maker Edition 3D printer from using Bitcoins which were converted from Dogecoin!

Tada!! 3D Printer!

Tada!! 3D Printer!

It did not however come in the assembled form that is in the picture above, I had to assemble it.  In fact, it did not even have some of the parts that are in the picture above.

  • Both of those round things? Added on.
  • The wall with the handle? Added on.
  • The white things protruding from the top that the black round thing sits on and fitted with rollers that used to be used for 35mm movies? Added on!
  • That thing on the print bed?  Ignore it!

You may ask yourself: “Wait, why are you showing that picture then?”  Simple. I just took the picture.  I was so excited when I first got my printer and finished building it and set it up, that I did not stop and take a picture of it.  Silly me!  Also, I assembled it in late March so unless someone has a time machine, there is no going back to take a picture of it. So there. (PS, please ignore the thing on the print bed.  That is for a different post  -_-  Note to self, take more pictures when you do things!!)

I did however have the foresight to record the process of me putting it together! Which is presented below for your viewing pleasure at a very compressed speed. (Due to the actual time of assembly being 4 hours!!)  Also, I was recording the video with my webcam and it did not like to stay still.  So there are shots of my desk and monitors.

I will say, my fingers haven’t hurt that much since I built a battleship kit from Mega bloks. Seriously! It felt like the tips of my fingers were on fire whenever I grabbed anything.  So hopefully from my acquiring of a 3D printer I shall be able to make more robots!!  Not to mention be able to fix things (More later!) and make useful things around the house! 


Critic Corner – Mardi Gras at Universal

Hi everyone, Critic Christy here!

Recently Thomas and our friend, Rohan, and I attended Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration! Guess what? It was great! Transformers

We got there around 6pm and rode transformers before the parade started. Everyone say hiiiiiii Rohan! And yes, I am wearing an awesome sparkly, light-up hat just for the celebration!

The parade started at 7:45, and I have to say, the floats were pretty impressive! There were tons of stilt-walkers and TONS of beads!

Despite the heavy competition, the three of us managed to collect over 80 necklaces! Here is a pic of me and Thomas waiting for the parade to circle back around to the finish. You will notice I am hiding my beads under my shirt like a pro in order to make them think they should give us more. Obvi.

MaridGrasI don’t have any other photos of the parade because I didn’t take my phone with me, so sorry about that! If I go again I’ll get a few shots in, I promise! Once I wrestle them off of Rohan, I might also have a few more pics of the beads!

There are also concerts on Mardi Gras nights, and our performer was Cody Simpson….yeah, I have no idea who that is. We didn’t watch.

As for the food… okay, that was a little disappointing to me. They had a “french quarter” type of setup, but the food stands all had different things, but you couldn’t see what all your options were…not that you would want any of it anyway once you knew how much it was. We decided to be thrifty and eat after we left the park.


Christy: I loved the parade and the beads! Worth a visit IF you are already planning on spending the day at Universal, or if you have a pass! NOT worth buying the “Event Only” ticket unless you freaking love the performer that night.

Thomas: Holy moley I have never had to be so scared of things flying out of the night and hit me in the face!  I will say if you do go (I agree with Christy, no Event Only) make sure that you have friends that can help shield your face!

Improvements: More parade nights! I have a really hard time getting off weekend nights in time for the fun! Better “French Quarter” section!


And just for fun…