Techie Talk #2: The robots!

So back when I started dabbling in electronics as a hobby, I did a project where I set up a webcam and made a robot that people through the internet could drive around my room and watch it respond to their commands.  Later on those components morphed into automating parts of my room like turning on and off the lights and opening and closing the blinds by any internet connected device only if you were on my home network for security. Room Operating System. (Thank you DynamicDNS for shutting down your free service.  I will have to find another to get the site working again) The website can be accessed outside of the network, but it will give you an error further in. (It does work, but I have problems with electrical noise from the rest of the electronics and am trying to make a different version)

I quite miss randomly seeing the little robot move by itself of others will around my floor and occasionally having to re-right it as it tended to flip itself over.  It was rather top heavy and I had to confine it to the view of the camera so I blocked it in with drawers from my dressers.  Sometimes I would put my Roomba in the ring with it so people could try to fight against the overlord vacuum. It did run through battery pretty quickly too averaging only about 29 minutes of total movement time.

I would like to try to resurrect the project again, only this time have it run much longer and not flip over on its side.  I would like to make a dedicated circuit board for it so it would reduce the number of wires that I had to use to make it, so I guess I need to get to work! OH AND TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEO THIS TIME.


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