Critic Corner – Hamburger Mary’s

Hello, lovely readers! Critic Christy here and ready for a review!

This past New Years Eve, Thomas and I were delighted to try out the fairly well-known Hamburger Mary’s of downtown Orlando! What are they known for? Burgers and a show!

Let’s go with the food first… I am going to be completely honest with you, and admit that neither Thomas nor I actually ate their famously delicious burgers – I know, I know, that probably makes us the WORST critics ever, right?? Thomas had the Chicken Caesar Salad, which he said was excellent. I had the pot roast which was alright, but nothing special.  Next time we’ll have burgers!!! Also, I had their “Strawberry-tease-me” Martini, but with lemonade instead of sprite…AND IT WAS AMAZING! I might drool on my keyboard just thinking about it. (It was quite tasty! -T)

So on to the show…its a Drag Show, and it was tons of fun! There were 4 performing ladies and they did a really amazing job! Thomas even got to tip them!

For New Years, they passed out champagne and we counted down to 2014! A lot of fun!


Christy’s Ratings:

Food: 6/10

Drinks: (am I allowed to rate just the drinks??) 10004889.996/10!!! yummmmm

Show: 9/10

Thomas’s Ratings:

Food: Was one heck of a tasty salad! 8.5 or a 9/10

Drinks: I had coke, so 10/10!  Good brix.

Show: 8/10


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