Critic Corner – Mini Golf – Hollywood Drive-In Golf #1

Why hello there! Critic Thomas here!  I would like to start off this review/critique portion of the blog by doing one on the Hollywood Drive-In Golf located in CityWalk underneath the walkways to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  Hollywood Drive-In Golf is actually 2 separate 18 hole mini golf courses: Invaders from Planet Putt and The Haunting of Ghostly Greens.  There is the option to play 18 or all 36 holes.  This time I shall be going over the Invaders side.

Invaders from Planet Putt


The Hollywood Drive-In Golf is a newer mini golf facility built around March 2012.  It was developed by Adventure Golf Design & Development Inc. and is the only one of its kind as far as the internet (Google) knows.  Planet putt is a fairly easy course with par achievable most of the time

The Good:  The course has a lot of props and is fairly well lit at night. OOH! Also, on the second hole (I think it’s the second?), there are two hole options…aim for the one on the left as both Christy and I have gotten a hole in one!  The only hole that might give you trouble is the final one, especially if you need to get it in two to make par… no bitter feelings here AT ALL!  There is also a scavenger hunt with multiple  versions depending on which one you get.  (We have had different hunts for the Haunting side so I assume there are different ones for Planet.)

The Bad:  Sometimes there can possibly be drunk people from CityWalk playing before you and have no idea what they are doing. Also, since it is located in CityWalk the only place to park is in the Universal Parking Garages, and unless you have an annual pass, could be one heck of a pricy round of mini golf.


I very much like the Invaders side and would rate it 9/10.  -T

Christy’s rating: 9/10

To learn more about this course, prices, hours, location, moon phase preferences etc… visit:


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