Define Neek.

If you’re like me, you might have read the title of my blog – “The Adventures of a Neek” and wondered: What the heck is a Neek? You might have even googled it… okay, lets be honest – you definitely googled it. I know I just did!

To my surprise, I actually found some answers – and correct ones!

To put it simply, a Neek is what happens when you’re too “Nerd” to be normal (whatever that is, right?), but not socially awkward enough to be a “Geek” (again, Google to the rescue for those explanations!). Thus the Neek is born.

In my opinion, we Neeks really get the best of both worlds here… passable social skills AND gaming/anime/science-techie/electronic-configuring/robot-building goodness. Ahhh, this is the life!

Anyway, for those of you astute enough to have read past my – dare I say amazing? – title, and opinion on cat’s nighttime fashion sense… you might have noticed the real “kicker” of this blog, and the overall purpose of my post…this Neek has found himself a girlfriend.

How, you ask, did this socially awkward, train-obsessed, circuit-board building, perpetually single Neek take the leap into relationship-hood? Follow along, my dear readers, and you might find out!



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